Version 3.4.4

  • CloudFormation
  • LocalStack
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# Version 3.4.4

We have added some extra error messaging around CloudFormation for LocalStack. LocalStack offers very limited support for updates to your resources via CloudFormation. This means that if you tweak setting for an SQS queue, or S3 Bucket, most if not all of those changes will not transfer over. This means you will need to destroy the stack and resources and then redeploy.

When you switch to a Commandeer Account running LocalStack, we will check for this and provide a notification about it.

CloudFormation Error

If you then go over to the CloudFormation dashboard, you will also receive an error message if any of your stacks are in an updated status. You can see it below.

CloudFormation LocalStack

You can read more about this shortcoming with LocalStack here.

Last update: January 22, 2023 19:25