Version 3.3.8

  • LocalStack
  • Docker
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# Version 3.3.8

All about that LocalStack! We have a bunch of features, quality of life enhancements, and bug fixes.

# LocalStack API Key

To use a pro account on LocalStack, which grants you access to a ton more AWS services and features, you need to bake in an API Key found on their dashboard when you start of the docker container.

Before now, I was always fumbling to go into their web console, and grab the key. Now, you can add it into the LocalStack dashboard by pressing the 'Manage API Key' button.

Manage LocalStack

You can then easily save the key for future use when starting LocalStack from Commandeer.

LocalStack API Key

# Starting New Instances for Pro

Now, when you press the 'Start New Instance' button, if you have a saved API Key, then we automatically place it in the environment variable section in the required format of LOCALSTACK_API_KEY.

Start new instance for LocalStack

LocalStack has recently introduced a new pro docker image. While their current images still work with pro, they do give a deprecation warning. To make this easier, we now allow you to choose starting either a pro image or a regular image. Simply check or uncheck the selector, and get the version you want. Also, if you have the 'Local Images Only' switch selected, we will only show you ones that are already on your computer.

Localstack Pro Images

# Bug fixes

There were also a few bugs that were in the system that we have managed to iron out.

  • logs tab now shows logs from the Docker container correctly for the running LocalStack Instance
  • when starting a new instance, there would occasionally be an infinite loop that would occur and lock up the app

# Conclusion

LocalStack is moving fast and we are working hard to continue to be the best way to visualize your entire cloud system both via LocalStack and AWS, for a truly seamless experience. Stay tuned in the upcoming month or two, as we have a really revamped workflow within the app that I think you will love!

Last update: January 3, 2023 18:52