Version 3.3.0 - 9/7/2022

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# Version 3.3.0 - 9/7/2022

In version 3.0, we set out to streamline the flow of the system. As we continue to do so, we have moved back to having the side navigation for everything. But, we have adjusted it so now you have the main services on the left side. For instance, below you can see that S3 now shows only 3 sections.

Prior to this, we would show all the buckets, and then connections to lambdas, the files and folders within the buckets, etc. This started to become a little unwieldly. Now when you click on dashboard, it takes you to the main page to show you all your buckets. But, instead of changing pages to view your individual bucket, we now show it in a sidebar, and then if you click on a file in that bucket, it shows it over top of the bucket component. This helps keep you always in context.

Here you can see the bucket you are wanting to view.

And if you click on a file in that bucket, it shows up over top of the bucket, and then you can simply click out of it.

This process feels really good for navigating around the entire system.

# Conclusion

We are always working hard to make managing your LocalStack and AWS environments a breeze. Please let us know if you have any features or requests going forward, as we are always happy to implement features for our customers.

Last update: September 8, 2022 13:55