Version 3.1.0 - 3.1.2 - 5/19/2022

  • DynamoDB
  • S3
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# Version 3.1.0 - 3.1.2 - 5/19/2022

We did a good amount of retooling two of our most popular services, DynamoDB and S3 in these releases. The name of the game for both of them was getting you to the underlying data quicker and easier.

# S3 Enhancements

We have finally decided on a good pattern of movement through the app. You can go to the services page and then drill into a service. In the case of S3, you will then be able to view the buckets in either a table, cards, or a treeview.

In the previous versions, you would then be taken to a separate page for each file. This made navigating a bit slower, so now we are showing you the resulting file in the side navigation on the right. This is the pattern that we are starting to roll out everywhere through the app, as I think it makes moving through data a lot easier. Below you can see an example of viewing a file from the treeview.

Viewing Images

# DynamoDB Enhancements

It's all about the data baby! Querying and scanning data in DynamoDB is an important feature when you are building your project. If your API Gateway or AppSync lambda's save data to DynamoDB, the most important feature is being able to quickly see your data.

# Query and Scanning

We have fine-tuned the scanning and querying to be a bit more user friendly. We also have made it a bit more robust as now each filter can be done as a STRING, NUMBER, or BOOLEAN.

You can also click the code icon in the top right, to view the actual SDK parameters that are sent to DynamoDB to search for your results.

# Query History

Querying your data is great. But when you are repeatedly looking for data that is similar, it is really nice to be able to have your app remember what you did for you.

Now, every time you run a query or scan, we save the query, and you can go back to the history tab, and rerun that same query. You can also favorite one's here so that you can quickly get to them later.

# Conclusion

We are continuing to refine and polish the app, and making it the best way to view your data is one of our main pillars. We hope you enjoy these enhancements!

Last update: May 20, 2022 17:10