Version 2.3.2 - 10/19/2021

  • Status Tray
  • S3
  • DynamoDB
  • SNS
  • SQS
  • API Gateway
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# Version 2.3.2 - 10/19/2021

We continue to solidify our current services and the connections between them. This is a really great release that gets a lot of the connections between SNS, S3, and Lambda working. We also are introducing the desktop status tray to make working with your AWS system even easier. There is also now the ability to create and delete DynamoDB table backups. Lastly, we have added much more CRUD around the API Gateway

# Status Tray

Commandeer is meant to work in conjunction with your favorite IDE. Now, when you are coding and need to quickly create a new resource, you can simply go up to the status tray, and choose it from the dropdown menu. Stay tuned as we start to bring even more functionality into this over the next few releases.

Commandeer Status TrayHere is an example of working within Visual Code and then quickly jumping into Commandeer to create a DynamoDB table.

Commandeer Status Tray

# S3 Lambda Triggers

A great feature of the S3 file system is the ability to connect notifications to it. For instance, whenever a file is created in a bucket, you can have it trigger a lambda to do some sort of computation on it. These triggers can be added or removed from both the S3 Bucket page and the corresponding Lambda page. In the next few releases we will also be adding support for connecting your S3 bucket to SNS and SQS.

Below you can see connecting your S3 to a Lambda.

S3 Connect Lambda

You can also view all your triggers directly form the lambda detail page as well as connect S3, DynamoDB, SNS, or SQS.

Lambda Triggers

# DynamoDB

In this release we have added the ability to create and delete backups of your tables. In the next few releases we will also be adding the ability to restore backups and create a backup for all of your tables in one step.

Here is an example of creating a backup for a table.

DynamoDB Backups


We have added the ability to create FIFO (first-in, first-out) queues. Below you can see the Create Queue modal.

SQS Create Queue


You can now create FIFO Topics from within Commandeer. You can also now subscribe your topics to emails, web url's, SQS, and Lambda.

Here you can see the Create Topic modal with all the available options.

SNS Create Topic

And once you have a create Topic, you can now add as many subscriptions to it as you would like. One note is that currently a FIFO topic can only connect to a FIFO Queue.

SNS Topic Add Subscription

# API Gateway

Within Commandeer, you can now create HTTP, REST, and WebSocket API's at the push of a button. You can also add resources like /users and methods like GET, PATCH, DELETE. In an upcoming release we will roll out the Method integrations allowing you to create mock or lambda responses quickly and easily.

Below you can see an example of creating a new API.

API Gateway Create API

# Conclusion

Over the next few months we will continue to round out the current services offered in Commandeer to truly allow you to not have to use the AWS Console or the CLI for most of your tasks. After that we will be adding in a bunch more services including RDS, ElastiCache, ElastiSearch and a whole slew of others. Stay tuned...

Last update: October 19, 2021 14:26