Version 1.9.0 - 4/30/2021

  • Step Functions
  • Lambda
  • DynamoDB
  • CloudWatch Alarms
  • S3
  • CloudWatch Rules
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# Version 1.9.0 - 4/30/2021

Another month, another release. We are super excited to offer the Step Functions runner in this release, along with a few minor updates.

# Step Function Runner

AWS Step Functions are a wonderful piece of computing that allows you to string together a group of Lambdas into a business process. Now you can run these over and over in a repeatable manner inside Commandeer and view the running of it. Below you can see a successful run.

And if you drill down into any of the steps, you can view the Lambda that was invoked, the input and output of it, and the logs associated with the run.

This is an exciting piece of functionality, that we are thrilled to see used in action.

# Lambda Invocation Detail Page

Prior to this version, the Invocation logs for Lambda's were displayed in a full screen modal. In order to get it inline with the rest of the system, these are now shown in a tab. Below you can see, that now the logs are in a nice, easy to manage tab.

# Hide ARN in Breadcrumbs

Some services, like Lambda will sometimes show the arn, if the name is not available when it is loaded. We always attempt to obfuscate this, so that your account id is not shown.

# Double check disconnected DynamoDB Streams

When switching accounts, we check for a number of different things on your account that might be an issue. One of them is that a DynamoDB Stream can be connected, but not have a lambda associated with it. Because we cache things locally, this could actually get fixed and still show the warning to you. Now, when we do this check, we do a clear cache on the tables to make sure that we are correct before showing the warning.

# Bug Fix on refreshing DynamoDB Diagrams with CloudWatch Alarms connected

There was a bug in parsing CloudWatch alarms that some users may have experienced. We have fixed this.

# CloudWatch Rules Filtering and Table Download

You can now filter your CloudWatch Rules to show only the enabled ones. We also allow you to now download the table results as csv.

# Lambda Table Download

You can now download your Lambda table list as a csv.

# S3 Buckets Table Download

You can now download your S3 bucket list as a csv.

Last update: April 30, 2021 19:32