Version 1.0.0 - 5/1/2020

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# Version 1.0.0 - 5/1/2020

We're excited to release Commandeer version 1.0.0 with some rich feature set. It's battle-tested and ready for you to rule the cloud like never before! Here is what's new:

# Whole new look and feel, charts, oh my!

We refreshed the overall look of Commandeer with some new stunning designs. The main dashboard now has charts to show your main stats visually. Every service now also has a dashboard with some main statistics and the charts showing your data in a visual way.

# New Dashboard

Includes your current account breakdown, local system stats with the versions of your libraries installed, service breakdown, even breakdown, break it down now! 🕺

# Invite a friend

Want your friend to check out Commandeer too? No problem, just click the invite button at the top right, enter your friend's email, and hit send. Great tools are worth sharing.

# Twilio

With the addition of Twilio, you can now send messages directly from Commandeer. Just enter your Twilio credentials into your Commandeer account to get started.

# Sendgrid

Commandeer now allows you to send emails from the app now too. Entering your Sendgrid credentials is easy. Sendgrid is available from the Communications menu in the side navigation.

# Share Stats

Want to send your system stats to your colleague? No problemo. Now you can share your statistics from your dashboard or any of your configurations using Slack, Twilio, or Sendgrid.

# Draw different shapes, colors, and Save Annotated Images Directly to S3

Remember we added a feature allowing you to draw on your S3 images in a previous release? Now you can draw using different shapes, choosing from some of our pre-set colors or choosing your own color using a color wheel. And best of all, you can save your new image directly to S3 and share it with your colleagues. We found it super useful for annotating your S3 images. Let us know if you can find even more use-cases 😉.

# Launch Screen

Yep, we finally added one. Watch Commandeer managing some data from different services while we're booting our app 💻.

All services are now searchable and we added a universal search. Yes, you can search through all your infrastructure from a single search bar. Just hit CMD/CTRL+Shift+P and type what you're looking for.

# Production Account Alerting

Production accounts require some more care, so we added an alert for you at the top when a production account is selected.

# Status Indicators

We added status indicators in multiple places in the app. It allows you to see which services are on or off without going deep in them. Saving you some time to understand what's currently active in your account.

# Account Management

Speaking of accounts, we enhanced our account edit menu allowing you to edit the information about every service in a single dialog. In addition to it, we now have the ability to duplicate an account, as well as seeing all your accounts on a single page. No more singing in and out into multiple accounts for multiple services. Just set it and forget it in Commandeer.

# ECS (Amazon Elastic Container Service)

Containers are here! View your clusters and containers while staying in the context of your account.

# PostgreSQL

Commandeer allows you to view your data, easily! You can now connect to your Postgres database by adding your connection information to your account. It allows you to browse your database schema in the tree view as well as executing your SQL queries against your database.

# Real Deal Serverless Terminal Output

We added XTerm.js (the same terminal which is used in VS Code) to display Serverless runner output. Now we can see some colors! We'll add it to more places as we go.

# Usage Analytics

Some awesome charts and some great looking big numbers are here too. See your main stats at the top. As well as your page view breakdown and the actions breakdown right down below it.

# Expand / Collapse All Services

Another power move here, two buttons at the top of the side navigation panel. One expands all services and another one collapses them all. So you can get to what matters quickly.

# Ansible and Serverless Settings

Have some custom settings you want to add to your Ansible or Serverless runner? No problem. Hit edit account and add them inside the Ansible and Serverless expansion panels. You can now customize each one of your accounts with some specific settings allowing you to run your infrastructure scripts against multiple AWS accounts, environments, and regions.

# Performance Improvements

Hit reload account button at any time, we can reload the state of your account very efficiently. We also added some additional improvements reducing the loading times throughout the app so you can operate efficiently.

# Logs, logs, logs

Huge improvement to the CloudWatch Logs. It's now as simple as going to CloudWatch Logs and just searching your logs without worrying about which stream your logs are in. We also parse the logs for your showing you the logs for each Lambda invocation. Which you can find on the Lambda Detail page.

# Dynamo DB

Share a record via Slack, SendGrid, or Twilio to a colleagure. Upload csv or json files into a table. New dashboard.

Last update: May 1, 2020 03:57