Version 0.3.5 - 12/01/2019

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# Version 0.3.5 - 12/01/2019

# LocalStack Start/Stop, Improved Installation, Service Details

Welcome to the new LocalStack experience. You can click on each service to see some details. Starting and stopping an individual service is just a button click away. In addition to it, we enhanced the installation experience. You can see which components you already have installed in addition to be able to install LocalStack CLI on your machine.

Install LocalStack using a simple and intuitive interface.

You can start and stop individual services in LocalStack.

# S3 Full-Screen Image Preview, View In Browser

S3 got a couple of enhancements in this release. You can now see your beautiful images in the full-screen mode as well as viewing it in your favorite web browser.

Full-Screen image view on S3 and the ability to view it in the browser.

# Enhanced Dashboard

With the enhanced Dashboard, you can navigate effectively to the most frequently used parts of the app (like Dynamo, S3, and Lambda), adding a new account, managing your profile, settings and much more. We also added a new widget combining our testing tools in one place. You can choose which piece of your infrastructure you would like to test and launch your tester straight from the Dashboard. Happy testing 🎉.

Newly improved dashboard with quick links and testing tools.

Test your Infrastructure from a single place by choosing the tester and the resource to test.

# Edit DynamoDB throughput, Toggle Streaming.

Dynamo got some love with the addition of a stream toggle and throughput editing. You can do both actions effortlessly from the table detail section.

Table detail section on DynamoDB in Commandeer.

# Cloudwatch Rule Trigger Navigation.

See all your CloudWatch Rule triggers. Navigate directly to each triggered resource. Trigger and test your lambda. All from the same place on your detail view.

Navigating to CloudWatch Rule triggers. Invoking a lambda from CloudWatch Rule.

# Windows Usability Improved

Windows users, we're here with you. Even our co-founder just purchased a new Windows Surface Laptop to get Commandeer running as smooth as possible on Windows. As always, don't hesitate to submit us some Github Issues. We love your feedback.

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