Version 0.3.2 - 10/27/2019

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# Version 0.3.2 - 10/27/2019

# General System Enhancements

The top navigation bar is now fixed, so that when scrolling, it no longer moves. Also, fine-tuned the account section, moving the edit, delete, and refresh buttons under a dropdown menu. The side menu of resources now also has its own scrolling, allowing you to stay in context on what you are working on, while still moving through resources.

# Dynamo DB

Ability to search through your dynamo data. Fix for pagination on your Dynamo data, allowing you to click through the pages of the data properly now.

Search through your data in Dynamo with a simple search mechanism. More refined complex searches on targeted columns coming soon.

# S3

Drag and drop multiple files to a bucket or folder. Separate scrolling on the treeview, meaning you no longer have the bouncing around between long list of items and the currently selected item. Change permissions on your bucket and see the current bucket grants. It works much more effectively now, we think you will enjoy it.

Simply drag and drop your files to upload them to S3

Changing permissions on an S3 bucket with Commandeer


Ability to purge an SQS Queue. Ability to send a new message to an SQS Queue. Release of the Lambda SQS Tester.

Purge a queue of all messages.

Add a new message to a queue.

Test the Lambda Invocation for an SQS queue that has a lambda connected to it.

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