Version 0.2.3 - 9/3/2019

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# Version 0.2.3 - 9/3/2019

# System Wide Breadcrumbs

We expanded on breadcrumbs by adding it to every screen in the app. It helps with navigating easily between resources as well as with navigating within a single service.

# Event Break Down on Dashboard

Ever wondered what kind of events you have in your system and how many of each, we got it covered. Now, you can see a detailed breakdown of each even type to understand where you have some heavy load.

# Install Localstack

We're expanding our Localstack integration by adding a convenient installation process. Commandeer intelligently checks your dependencies and installs LocalStack on your machine the right way.

# Documentation Improved

Great developer documentation is at the core of Commandeer. We want to make sure everyone has a good experience using Commandeer. This release contains some awesome documentation improvements throughout all services.

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