Version 0.2.2 - 8/25/2019

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# Version 0.2.2 - 8/25/2019

# System Navigation

  • Back, forward, and page history
  • Early breadcrumbs for the system (partially implemented on the S3 page). This will rollout to all pages in next few weeks.
  • Side navigation now has direct access to items under the service, for instance S3 shows the buckets, Lambda shows the functions

# Master/Detail Layout

Details are shown on the right hand side of each service, when clicking through to them. They only go to the full screen modal on small devices.

# Debug -> Help

Debug renamed to Help on top left, as the code icon was looking similar to the navigation buttons

# Account Navigation

Refresh button to refresh your account cache. If you change an account file in your application support folder, you can press refresh to clean cache

# EC2

View your EC2 instances in your account showing their current status, size and instance id. You can also run Region Scanner, to view your EC2 instances across all regions.

# Lambda

  • connections between all services are shown in the trigger section, and you can click through to the service
  • view tags for the lambdas
  • region scanner


  • view the lambdas that are triggered when a message gets added to a queue
  • filter by queue name

# Dynamo DB

  • view stream connections to lambda
  • filter by table name

# S3

  • upload file
  • add folder
  • view general information and permissions for buckets, folders, and files


Click through to lambda subscriptions for Lambda and SQS

# CloudWatch Rules

  • click through to lambda triggers from the cloudwatch rule
  • view detail section
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