Managing Your LocalStack Resources

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# Managing Your LocalStack Resources

With the ability to run LocalStack locally, now it's time to have some fun with creating and managing some local resources. Here, we'll go over managing some basic resources like S3, DynamoDB, SNS, SQS, and more with Commandeer.

# Commandeer UI for Local Resources

Commandeer provides the same consistent desktop GUI for accessing AWS or LocalStack. Local Commandeer account points to LocalStack instead of AWS by default. Commandeer comes with a pre-created local account for your convenience. In case you need to create another local account, all you need to do is to flip the switch that says Local on the new account page.

After choosing your local account in the account dropdown, you'll start seeing your local AWS resources in Commandeer. Each one of the AWS services will now show your local data.

Creating new resources will also create them in LocalStack.

# Conclusion

Commandeer provides a seamless experience for managing your local resources. You can manage your LocalStack resources the same way as you manage AWS. With the ease of accessing your local environment, you can shorten the feedback loop while developing your features.

Last update: July 26, 2020 23:42