Deleting Your DynamoDB Table

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# Deleting Your DynamoDB Table

When you need to delete a DynamoDB database table you want the UI to provide an easy to use ability and to safeguard this process, since a delete will remove the table and the instance.Using the Commandeer desktop app enables you to delete DynamoDB tables in both your LocalStack and AWS cloud environments without having to write a script, saving you time and effort, and cautions you to make sure you want to complete the delete process.

# What Happens Once Your Table is Deleted

Once the table is deleted, the table data gets destroyed, so as the DynamoDB table instance.

# How to Delete Your Table

Navigate to your DynamoDB table dashboard from the side navigation. Go to DynamoDB -> Tables -> YourTable -> Dashboard. Then click the delete table button.

Since deleting a table is a destructive operation, you'll see the confirmation dialog next. Type in DELETE and click the confirmation button to delete your table.

# Conclusion

Commandeer makes it easy to delete your DynamoDB tables. Once the table is deleted, the data and the table instance are removed. With great power comes great responsibility. Be careful with deleting your tables.

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Last update: November 8, 2021 13:17