Getting Started with AWS

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# Getting Started with AWS

AWS has an unbelievable suite of development tools to enable you to do great work. We have doubled down on this fact, and have set focus on what matters the most in the new world of serverless. You as a developer should have a UI to truly manage your AWS systems.

# Available Services

# Description

In 2006, Amazon introduced its cloud computing platform with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Since then a shift has occurred in the IT industry that reduced the cost of launching new services, reduced repetitive, time-consuming tasks required keeping network services available 24x7 to users, and gave unprecedented power and flexibility to scale up computer systems as a business grows. Meanwhile, AWS has grown tremendously and enabled a brand new array of specialized architectural and technical best practices.

Today, AWS has assembled dozens of services with thousands of features that facilitate a business’ growth and maturation. This has enabled IT to improve the reliability, efficiency, performance, availability, security, flexibility, scalability and recoverability of IT services for online enterprises. This has led to a reduction in the time to market for companies and enabled tremendous growth in online commerce. A number of the services center around the storage, security, administration (backup, recover, etc.), usage (create, read, update, delete), viewing and reporting of data.

In general, the Cloud computing web services offered by Amazon AWS and some of the related data areas include:

  • Compute - virtual servers in multiple regions
  • Application - common use cases like message queues, search, etc. (SQS, SNS, Algolia (AWS CloudSearch alternative))
  • Enterprise - email and directory services
  • Security, Deployment, and Administration - grant/revoke access to cloud resources; monitoring of virtual services, high availability, scalability, etc. (IAM, Lambda)
  • Storage - collection, persistence, and archival of data (S3, Athena)
  • Database - relational (Postgresql) and NoSQL solutions (DynamoDB)
  • Network - definition of private networks and a well-integrated DNS
  • Mobile - application access from mobile devices

Overall AWS has provided a platform of web services offering solutions for computing, storage, and networking at multiple levels of abstraction. AWS is the leader in cloud computing and Cloud Computing Trends: 2019 State of the Cloud Survey states that enterprises are overwhelmingly embracing cloud-based solutions. This has created great opportunities for It, but also some new challenges, especially in the data management arena.

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