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# How to view files on S3 in LocalStack

I have been doing development on AWS for over 5 years now, and almost 2.5 years ago, I started learning the virtues of Localstack. The main selling point for me was how fast unit tests would run. For those that do not know, LocalStack is a local environment that mimics AWS. This means you get endpoints for Dynamo, Lambda, S3, and many more services. The problem I kept on running into though is how to view files on S3 in Localstack. The best I came up with was creating a bunch of Postman tests to query the localstack endpoint and at least view XML return data about the files, but actually viewing the file, I couldn't really find anything. For months and years, I would do this search across the internet, but nothing would show up.

This was not the only reason we built Commandeer, but it was one of the many pain points we were solving for ourselves. Now, you can add files, view and edit permissions on buckets and files, and edit files in place on LocalStack S3 in a simple and intuitive GUI. This has helped our flow tremendously when developing because S3 is usually the backbone for many pieces of a system. Our S3 viewing capability is also unique in that we let you easily preview files such as images, audio, video, and text files. Below you can see a few screenshots from Commandeer of S3. Happy developing!

Here you can see the status of the Localstack S3 service which runs on port 4572

S3 File is added to LocalStack. It can also be previewed, edited in place, and saved back to S3.

S3 bucket created in LocalStack

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