Version 1.1 Preview - Part 2

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# Version 1.1 Preview - Part 2 - Localstack Enhancements

Our top three services have always been S3, Dynamo, and Lambda. But as of the past few weeks LocalStack has taken over the number 3 slot. While we are not surprised by this, we are really pumped. We have always been really big fans of their tooling, and feel that the more people that use it, the more people that can understand more of what is going on with development in the AWS cloud.

In the next release, slated for a week or so from today, we are also including a newly enhanced LocalStack dashboard, as well as the LocalStack detail pages. Keep on reading to find out what we have added.

# LocalStack Dashboard Enhancements

  • Top section - showing services connected or not connected
  • Main Layout - Moved the terminal to the right hand side, so you can always see the output of LocalStack
  • Mouse Slider - slider between the left and right side - you will start to see this in more places throughout the app as well. We don't love this component we are using, but the app itself will start to feel more and more like IntelliJ and Visual Code, we promise.
  • Table and Card Tab Caching - throughout the app, you will start to see these page settings cached, so that if you prefer to see them in a table or cards, you won't have to continually change them on a page.

# LocalStack Detail Enhancements

  • Top section - showing services connected or not connected, and number of resources
  • Terminal - Added a terminal to this page as well, which helps to see what is happening when you start or stop an individual service
  • General Styling - standard system cards are in place throughout

Below you can see the details for the API Gateway LocalStack service that is being started up on port :4567. On the top is the current status, and last know number of resources for a service (when applicable), like 20 Dynamo DB tables, or 2 S3 Buckets, etc.

Really excited for this next release. If you haven't seen the other preview, you can check it out here.

Happy Developing,

Sergeant Serverless

Last update: May 19, 2020 16:44