Version 1.0 Release Notes

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# Commandeer Version 1.0 - May 1 2020 - Release Date Verified

Commandeer is set to launch on May 1st. We will be allowing people to register for our newsletter to receive a coupon on day one, that will give you anywhere from 50-90% off for 1 to 6 months. We are very excited for this release and feel that it will be a very polished experience from day 1. If you are following along on our GitHub Issues there are currently 7 app bugs, 5 app feature requests and 1 web bug open, Please, if you have thoughts about things you would like to see, drop a line there.

commandeer version 1.0 release, 5/1/2020

Commandeer Version 1.0 - Newsletter Signup

There is also a lot more information about this launch by Sergeant Serverless over on our medium page.

But it is going to be hot hot hot! We have also been working hard on our continuous integration and think that we will be able to have a runner shortly after launch as well. This will be able to run your circle config.yml file against local and their cloud service. This should be super helpful, because right now, you can't run workflows locally, only the individual jobs. Runner - select your config.yml and run it against your selected environment

We have been working through our ci pipelines for the system over the past two weeks, and there are still many more ways we will be making it easier to manage your environments This led to our consolidation and expansion of ansible and serverless settings. They are going to live separately for each account you create, to allow you to manage those environments effortlessly. That means you can set the mount path and environment variables and more once, and then not have to switch it when you connect to different environments.

Editing account settings for ansible and serverless

The accounts page is coming along nicely as well. Once you have a few environments connected, it really becomes helpful to see what is connected. Below you can see a sample of the page.

Showing connections you have

Also, you will notice that we have SendGrid, Slack, and Twilio showing on those accounts. This is part of a new feature we have for sending information to your teammates from the app. Below you can see someone sharing their service breakdown.

Send your cloud breakdown via SendGrid, Twilio, or Slack

Happy Commandeering!,

The Commandeer Team

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