Commandeer Version 1.2 Preview - Part 2 - Target Release Date - Monday, June 22 2020

  • DynamoDB
  • Commandeer
  • ER DIagram
  • DynamoDB Streams
  • Lambda
  • Cloudwatch Logs
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# Commandeer Version 1.2 Preview Part 2 -- Target Release Date - Monday, June 22 2020

As we have been fine tuning the release, we have been preparing some new features for the diagramming pieces of the tool. We are leading this off with the ER Diagram tool for Dynamo DB and the Dynamo Streams Diagram..

# DynamoDB ER Diagram

One missing piece that we ourselves are feeling as a pain point in using Dynamo, is the lack of relationships between tables. While this is a side effect of it being a NoSQL tool, we feel that we have a simple and elegant way to handle this.

Below you can see all the tables in our development environment. This also includes the names of the columns and the types. In an upcoming release, you will also be able to map your relationships via ansible or terraform plugins, and manage them within your own Dynamo DB table. I spoke to this yesterday in our email newsletter, so if you want to sign-up, we send out the real insider information via that channel.


# DynamoDB Streams Diagram

The other new diagram shows you the connected between your DynamoDB tables and a Lambda connected to it's stream, as well as any CloudwatchLogs that might be connected to the lambdas.

Below you can see that we have 3 Dynamo DB tables that are connected to 3 different Lambdas, and each of those lambdas subsequently are connected to logs.

After we release this, we will begin to add even more power in here, like being able to turn them on or off, and dee linking to the resource. But as you can see, this gives you a lot of great info at a glance.

# Conclusion

Visualizing your system is a big gap in using serverless and container tooling. We are bridging that gap. Look for these diagrams to roll out to other parts of the system as well, like SQS, API Gateway, Docker, SNS, S3 and more in the next few weeks and months.

Happy developing,
Sergeant Serverless

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