Algolia Multi-Cloud Support

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# Algolia Multi-Cloud Support

At Commandeer HQ, we have big ambitions. We want to enable you to manage your cloud, no matter where that cloud is located. So far this has meant wrangling in AWS. But, people use tools from many locations. Today we are excited to announce support for Algolia. For those of you not familiar, Algolia allows you to have a JSON search cache of your data. So, for instance, you might save your data to Dynamo, but you want to save it to a cache as well so that it can be accessed in milliseconds by your front end. We love this use case, but currently, as you are developing, you need to have your Dynamo AWS Console and Algolia websites open to verify the data is moving around as you expect. Now, you can simply connect your credentials for an environment to Algolia, and visualize both Dynamo and Algolia from the same app.

This is just the beginning of what we plan on enabling you to do. Soon, you will be able to manage your searchable attributes, your facets, and even export out the terraform code enabling you to push out your Aloglia settings to multiple environments. Our roadmap includes a number of different services that can all be tied together under one account. If you have a development and staging environment, you can keep access to them synced, so that you are looking at your Dynamo development User table as well as your Algolia development indexes together. No more logging in and out of different consoles. As the tool becomes even more fleshed out, look for the ability to setup dynamo streams saving updated data in Dynamo directly to Algolia automatically.

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Last update: April 22, 2020 01:45