# Let's Build Something Great

Welcome to the tutorials section of Commandeer. Where we walk you through the building blocks of the exciting world of cloud development. All tutorials help you to achieve the following:

# Create

Learn how to create your permanent resources for your infrastructure. We'll go over creating things like DynamoDB tables and S3 buckets using the tools like Ansible, Serverless, and Commandeer.

# Connect

Let's connect our infrastructure so all our resources work seamlessly together. In this section, we'll connect our resources using Serverless Framework.

# Test

Now that our infrastructure is connected, we're going to test each connection. Get ready to have some fun with invoking Lambdas, sending requests to Api Gateway, and seeing some logs showing us the execution.

# Use

Time to get the fruits of our labor and get some good use of our infrastructure. Let's fire up some lambdas to work with our data and get some insights into how our system functions.

Have fun!