Commandeer Visual Code Extension

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# Commandeer Visual Code Extension

We are excited to announce the release of our first Visual Code Extension. In order to help developers as much as we can, we wanted to go to where they are, and really where we are on a day to day basis.

We will be continuing to expand the offering as we go, but for this initial release, we have added 3 features to help you better manage your cloud development environment.

Commandeer Visual Code Extension

# LocalStack Health

Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + P - LocalStack Health

This will return back the health of LocalStack. Below you can see that LocalStack is successfully running.

LocalStack Health

And alternatively, if there is an issue connecting to LocalStack on port 4566, we will let you know.

LocalStack Health Error

# LocalStack Explorer

On the explorer tab, there is a new treeview section called LocalStack that provides you with information abotu the running instance and which services are available.

LocalStack Explorer

# Open Commandeer

This will quickly open up the Commandeer app, so that you can quickly bounce between the code you are writing and the AWS or LocalStack environments you are managing.

Open Commandeer

# Conclusion

Commandeer continues to be a great way to manage your AWS and LocalStack infrastructure. Stay tuned as we start to build out more tools to help better manage your system while you work!

Last update: December 11, 2022 16:51