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# SQS System Diagram

Part of the beauty of Commandeer is the way we provide system diagrams for many of your systems. SQS is a powerful tool that allows you to queue up items. And in the serverless world, you can connect a Lambda to a queue to allow it to process the items in the queue in batches.

Below you can see an example. In the example, the EMAIL_SEND queue is connected to a Lambda to process it, and it also shows the CloudWatch Log that is connected to the Lambda. You are also able to easily see all the CloudWatch Alarms you have connected to the queue.

You can click the 'Save as .png' button to download the diagram as an image file so you can use it in a presentation or share it offline with your team.

# Conclusion

Being able to visualize your system is a crucial part of understanding your system. By being able to view your queuing system, your whole team can easily understand how your system works.

Last update: May 11, 2021 15:57