Viewing your CloudFormation Stack and Resources

  • CloudFormation
  • CI/CD
  • IaC
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# Viewing your CloudFormation Stack and Resources

CloudFormation is a json template that describes your stack resources. It is the main underpinning of IaC on AWS. Within Commandeer, you can view all your stacks on the dashboard as shown below.

Drilling into a particular stack, you can then see all the resources that are associated with it. For instance, below you can see the API Gateway, Lambda, and S3 resources that were created in the stack.

On the third tav, you can see the raw json template that the stack is created from.

# Conclusion

Using IaC is a very helpful way to manage all of this in code. CloudFormation is the main piece of infrastructure in AWS that connects all your services together. If you are trying to get a stronghold on your IaC, understanding your CloudFormation stacks is a crucial piece of that, as they are the actual instructions that tell the AWS system how to build your environment.

Last update: February 24, 2021 13:38