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# API Gateway

The API Gateway is the main interface for building a RESTful API. It allows you to manage all of your endpoints, including connecting them to Lambdas.

# Commandeer Key Features

  • View all your endpoints for each API
  • See which Lambda is connected to an endpoint
  • Test Endpoints

Below you can see the dashboard for API Gateway, showing the resources that are available. In this exampe there is one GET resource called /great-deals.

If you drill into the endpoint you will be presented with the information about it. You can also test it out, by adding any headers and body and then making the call. Below you can see an executed run with status information, headers, body, API Gateway Logs, and CloudWatch Logs for the invoked Lambda.

Scrolling down further, you can also see the actual CloudWatch Logs.

This is a really great way to not only test out what data is coming back to you, but also all the logs that are generated in the system for the API Gateway and CloudWatch Logs.

Last update: May 11, 2021 14:41